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Almost since its inception, the  Valley Engineering, Science, and Technology Club (VEST) has provided a scholarship to a qualified student aspiring to a Baccalaureate degree in Engineering, Science, or Technology.  Currently, one half of the annual dues of each Club member are designated to the Scholarship Fund to provide, at a minimum, a $3,000 scholarship each calendar year.

The awardee must have already demonstrated successful commitment to advanced education in a 4-year Engineering, Science, or Technology field by completing courses equivalent to a full Sophomore Year with a grade point average of at least 3.0. Specifically, headway must have been achieved in college level calculus, chemistry, computer or physics courses.  Demonstration of financial need and volunteerism are also a criteria.  Graduates of local high schools are preferred.

In the Fall, the Scholarship Committee asks Glendale Community College to post our selection criteria, and supply us applications from which top students are selected for intensive interviews.

The successful awardee, along with a parent or guest, are invited to our April luncheon to be introduced to the membership, and give a 3-4 minute presentation on background, synopsis of work experiences, and career goals.  The Committee then follows the awardee’s progress to be certain that the first half of the scholarship should be paid for the Fall semester and the second half by the following Spring.

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Last modified: 06/09/21